Technical assistance

We offer both standard and customized technical assistance services to schools, districts, and mental health agencies. Structured consultation packages include:

Comprehensive school-based mental health framework –This multi-year effort helps school-based teams implement the “National School Mental Health Best Practices.” This framework provides a foundation for school-based mental health, focusing on teaming, needs assessment and resource mapping, screening, mental health promotion, early intervention and treatment, funding and sustainability, and impact.

Strategic planning – School- or district teams are supported to complete the School Health Assessment and Performance Evaluation (SHAPE), review the results, and develop a strategic plan to strengthen school-based mental health systems.

Staff wellness–School staff are surveyed to assess their stress and well-being, followed by collaboration to develop plans for creating cultures of wellness and care for school and/or district staff.

Flex plan – Schools or districts can purchase blocks of flexible/on-call technical assistance that can be used as needed to support mental health efforts.

In addition to these standard packages, we can design technical assistance projects to meet your unique needs.


One-time or ongoing trainings for mental health providers, teachers and other school staff, district administrators, and families. Sample topics include:

  • Developing and implementing comprehensive school mental health systems
  • Creating effective approaches to interconnect mental health supports in schools
  • Understanding and supporting student mental health
  • Promoting effective cross-system collaboration
  • Implementing trauma-sensitive schools and healing-centered engagement


We can design technical assistance and research/evaluation projects to meet your unique needs. Sample project ideas include:

  • Evaluating existing school-based services
  • Assessing community needs
  • Developing ongoing school-based mental health tracking or monitoring approaches
  • Collecting feedback from program partners or stakeholders